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The Cochnewagan Agricultural Association are making preparation for a big fair at Cumston Park, September 22.

An exhibition hall 30 by 70 is being built under the management of the following building committee: J. H. Gilman, Alny Gordon, and Eben Mann.

Lewiston Daily Sun
Wednesday, September 1, 1909
Page 3 column 5

New Building for the fair
"This statement will be better understood when it is known that three weeks ago there was no exhibition building in the town while today there is a new, fine, up-to-date structure costing fully one thousand dollars. This building is located on a beautiful rise of ground close to the old academy and on what is know as the Cumston grant. The building is 30 x 70 feet in ground dimensions and has exhibition tables around its entire sides. To build this the town appropriated $500 and the rest of the expense has been made up by private subscriptions and free labor. J. H. Gilman was the chairman of the building and every one knows what that means. It means hustle and success from the word go, and he has made it go. The last finishing touches were put on Monday evening and all day Tuesday the exhibits have been pouring in until at this writing the building is well filled. Others will come in Wednesday morning."
Lewiston Evening Journal Sept. 21, 1909 page 2 column 2


Click here to read an article from the Turf, Farm, & Home published in Waterville about the first fair run by

The Cochnewagan Agricultural Association

Great reading and you will recognize many Monmouth Family names who were exhibitors at the first fair.


Historical information provided by Bobbie Bowler and Dr. Larry Buggia